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Mahoko Nakano recommends the TERENCE Player Series M90 modern piano

Mahoko Nakano is known as the first Japanese player to play Chopin's piano works, and has lived in Paris for a long time, and she has a unique understanding of European classical pianos. The TERENCE M90 electric piano was praised by Mahoko Nakano as having the sound of a grand piano that is one of the best in Europe.


This is thanks to the sound sampling of the TERENCE M90 electric piano from the historic European grand piano, which truly presents the sound characteristics of the grand piano. Through more advanced timbre sampling technology, the 88 keys are dynamically sampled one by one, subtly capturing the overtones and resonances of the grand piano and more sound details. This gives the M90 electric piano a rich layer of tonal expression and the same piano playing experience as a world-class grand piano.


Born in Yokohama, Japan, Mahoko Nakano studied at the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts and the Paris Conservatoire Normale, where she also did some research at the Banff Center in Canada. After graduating, she moved to Paris and obtained a diploma as a performer at Ecole Normale de Musique in Paris. After winning awards in different competitions in Europe, she began to perform as a soloist while participating in a number of chamber orchestras in Asia, Canada and Europe, and won various awards in competitions throughout Europe. In France and Japan, Mahoko Nakano is active in many other fields, such as serving as a judge in various music competitions and becoming a media figure on TV and radio channels. Over the years, she has been active in many cultural stages, interpreting life and the world from the perspective of music, and has become a piano soloist who is good at interpreting Chopin. Mahoko Nakano is currently a lecturer at the Conservatory of Music of the University of Ferris in France and Japan.




Her works include the book "Through Paris with Chopin", the translation of "Master of Paris" by Wilhelm von Lenz and "Notes of Chopin" by André Gide, and album recordings of "Live" and "Romantic Time".


Mahoko Nakano, who pursues the ultimate level of piano timbre performance, gave a highly recognized evaluation of the TERENCE M90. The M90's outstanding sound is derived from Terence's new grand piano acoustic simulation technology, which reproduces the realistic grand piano resonance. Through the new algorithm technology, the sound mode of the concert grand piano is digitally reproduced, that is, pressing the keys, the mallet hitting the strings, and the resonant sound of the strings in the case, and finally presenting a full and beautiful timbre, M90 can truly restore the rich dynamic changes of its timbre when the grand piano is played, the resonance effect of the piano body and the details and layering of its sound. Terence's digital pianos have an automatic rhythm stabilization system, eliminating the need for the frequent tuning and maintenance costs and cumbersome of traditional pianos.


TERENCE M90's new progressive mallet structure keyboard simulates the key weight, key depth, rebound speed and key feedback of the grand piano, and truly restores the progressive change of the feel of the grand piano from the low area to the treble zone from heavy to light; This keyboard has higher key sensitivity and less key noise. The M90 modern piano is also equipped with five keyboard force adjustment modes, which can be customized to meet the player's different touch requirements.


The M90's powerful spatial audio technology further enhances its impressive core sound, adding acoustic effects that simulate acoustic environments such as concert halls, churches, auditoriums, rooms, etc., bringing new life to performances. In addition to having a high-quality sound and playing performance, as an electric piano, the M90 has a built-in automatic accompaniment system with 120 drum beats and rhythms from around the world. M90 can meet the needs of more music lovers.




Mahoko Nakano said that the M90 not only has the tone of a traditional grand piano, but also has other different styles of piano sounds such as popular pianos and jazz pianos, which can meet different repertoire styles. As an electric piano, the M90 can adjust the volume of the playing and the volume of the accompaniment individually, can use headphones, and practice at home without disturbing others. The M90 also features a multi-track recording feature that captures your fleeting musical inspirations.


The TERENCE M90 is a state-of-the-art and feature-rich modern piano that offers a different musical experience where tradition meets modernity.


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