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Gina Alice becomes a brand ambassador for Terence

Recently, the Terence electric piano has been recognized by international pianist Gina Alice. Gina Alice is the winner of the Wiesbaden International Piano Competition and the Munich Youth Piano Competition in Germany and an ambassador for the TERENCE electric piano brand.


TERENCE is committed to creating high-quality musical instrument equipment, insisting on innovation, continuing to shape modern musical instruments, providing high-quality musical instrument products for music lovers, and allowing music lovers to have a better product experience. Since its inception, TERENCE products have been loved by fans for their stylish design, excellent quality and innovative intelligent teaching concept.


Gina Alice began performing solo piano in public at the age of eight, attending Steinway's concerts in Frankfurt and playing Haydn's Piano Concerto in D major. In 2004, ten-year-old Gina Alice won prizes in piano competitions such as the Wiesbaden International Piano Competition and the Munich Youth Piano Competition.




Gina Alice, who became famous as a teenager, is talented and has held three concerts at the Berliner Philharmonic, with representative works such as "Young Artists Concert", "Victory Moment Concert", "River of Memories" and "Unquenchable Fireworks". Gina Alice has her own unique views on the timbre of mechanical pianos. For the Terence electric piano, she gave a rating comparable to that of a mechanical piano.


Gina Alice believes that the electric piano created by Terence can not only be closer to the traditional mechanical piano in timbre, but also integrate traditional and modern musical styles to show more different musical styles. On this basis, the Terence electric piano also has the characteristics of small footprint, lightweight, and can be connected to other electronic devices (headphones, mobile phones, computers, tablets), and can be played quietly at home anytime, anywhere without disturbing the people.


The TERENCE brand focuses on the design and production of electronic musical instruments and has become a new international electronic musical instrument brand. The brand's representative works include electronic organ, electric piano, folding piano, intelligent piano, etc. The brand's rigorous selection of materials, advanced and ingenious craftsmanship, and the pursuit of shaping extraordinary quality. The keyboard is a standard piano keyboard, and the heavy hammer keyboard will not affect the feel because of lightness, which is one of the differences between the Terence electric piano and the ordinary electric piano.




In terms of sound performance, the Terence digital piano integrates the European classical piano timbre and uses more advanced stereo sampling technology, so that the Terence electric piano has a richer timbre. The electric piano produces a wider and fuller sound, with a sense of layering, which can put the player in the scene of the real piano. The Terence piano has not only been recognized by German pianist Gina Alice, but also highly recommended by many international pianists such as the famous French and Japanese pianist Mahoko Nakano, the gold medalist of the Ukrainian National Piano Competition, IARETSKYI OLEKSAND, and the Russian piano artist ALIAKSEI. This strong reputation makes TERENCE, as a high-quality modern musical instrument brand, has its own world among the many piano brands at present.


In the future, it is expected that TERENCE will create more and better products.


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