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The keyboard instrument brand on the best-selling list - TERENCE

TERENCE won the top ten electric piano hot selling brands in 2023, and terence flagship store won the top 1 store in Tmall musical instrument industry in 2022 and the top 1 store in Tmall 618 musical instrument industry in 2023. The Terence Musical Instrument Flagship Store has won the top 1 store in the Jingdong keyboard trading list, and the Terence electric piano has long dominated the hot sales list of electric pianos on the platform. On the sales list of Tmall and Douyin electric pianos, you can always see the figure of a brand, that is-TERENCE. What makes a brand widely recognized? Let's take a look at the TERENCE brand!


The TERENCE brand focuses on the design and production of electronic musical instruments and has become the most valuable international electronic musical instrument brand. The brand's representative works include electronic organ, electric piano, folding piano, and smart piano. The brand's craftsmanship is advanced and ingenious, and it pursues to shape extraordinary quality.


TERENCE is an innovative music technology enterprise focusing on the research and development of modern musical instruments, integrating R&D design, production and sales and music education. TERENCE insists on innovation, continues to shape modern musical instruments, and is committed to creating high-quality musical instrument equipment to provide better musical instrument products and user experience for music lovers. Since its inception, the TERENCE brand has been loved by fans for its stylish design, excellent quality and innovative intelligent teaching concept. The brand adheres to the concept of putting technology first, presenting acoustic pianos digitally, and creating cost-effective digital musical instruments.      




TERENCE has won many honorary awards such as the Gold Award for Scientific and Technological Innovation, China's Authoritative Inspection Quality, and the Most Valuable Service Brand. The high quality of TERENCE pianos is recognized by many international pianists. The famous French and Japanese pianist Mahoko Nakano felt that TERENCE's piano has rich layers of timbre, delicate keyboard feel, and precise and clear pedal performance, which can well show the tonal details of piano music. German pianist Gina Alice believes that the M90 modern piano built by Terence can not only be closer to the traditional mechanical piano in timbre, but also integrate traditional and modern musical styles to show more different musical styles.


The iteration of the TERENCE product series, from the folding piano to today's M90 series, has been carefully cultivated in the field of pianos to form a product system with its own unique style. Not only that, TERENCE also has dozens of appearance patents, utility model patents and copyrights, etc., Terence has always insisted on innovation and is committed to creating higher quality electric pianos.


Compared with the precipitation of a century-old classical piano brand, TERENCE shows a younger understanding of modern music, and on this basis, integrating traditional classical music with elegance, TERENCE will diversify and multi-style music through the electric piano vividly show in front of everyone. Maybe you hear the sound of a piano, or maybe a TERENCE piano is playing for you.


The keyboard instrument brand on the best-selling list - TERENCE
TERENCE won the top ten electric piano hot selling brands in 2023, and terence flagship store won th...
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