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Professional grade electronic metronome
Professional grade electronic metronome
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Product Features

Professional grade electronic metronome

The DM1 electronic metronome offers greater precision and is able to provide a stable and accurate beat that helps musicians maintain the right rhythm while practicing and playing.




LED LCD large screen, dynamic display, clear vision

The visual design says goodbye to the traditional pendulum and displays it in real time, visually displaying speed, beats and other parameters for easy adjustment and viewing, and is also equipped with a beat indicator.




Loud and clear sound, high-fidelity speakers

Equipped with high-fidelity speakers, the volume can be adjusted, and the sound is loud and beautiful, which will not be obscured by the instrument.




Full-core upgrades, easy to grasp every rhythm

A new generation of intelligent chips, more advanced AI algorithms, and the accuracy of the beat can reach the millisecond level, making the sound clearer and more pleasant, and the power consumption is lower, and the power saving effect is remarkable.




It is a metronome and a portable bluetooth speaker

Support mobile phone/tablet and other connections to achieve shooting while accompaniment.



Specification parameters

Basic information


Beat speed40-208 beats/min

Beat setting0-59min

Timbre8 types to choose from

SoundMechanical metronome / Electronic pulse / female voice (Chinese) / female voice (English) / cowbell / drum edge / guitar tone / drum sound



Power/SupplyAAA battery (No. 7 battery) 3 cells, external Type-c power supply

Configure attachmentsInstruction manual, Type-C line

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