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Seiko grade mechanical metronome
Seiko grade mechanical metronome
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Product Features

Suitable for a wide range of musical instruments

It is suitable for piano, violin, guitar, saxophone, guzheng, erhu and other musical instruments and dance training.




All-metal mechanical movement with a crisp, loud sound and durability

The movement is made of exquisite craftsmanship and is made of metal for better stability, resulting in louder sounds and longer life.




Equipped with metallic accent rei

Made of metal, the sound is more ethereal and penetrating.




Elegant walnut grain

Classic walnut color, delicate original wood feel, highlighting extraordinary taste.




New mechanical movement design

Makes use last longer without the need for frequent winding.



Specification parameters

Basic information


Speed range40-208 beats/min

Ring type0,2,3,4,6

WeightAbout 480g


ImpetusSpring | There is a bell

Service Support
TM2 mechanical metronome instruction manual

Before use, please read the instructions of this manual carefully to better use and protect this product, and be sure to keep all user files safe for future reference.

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